Soal Paket C USBN Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/MA/SMK beserta Jawabannya

Ujian Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/MA/SMK

Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/MA/SMK

Keterangan Soal:
Kelas /Semester : Kelas XII / Genap
Jumlah Soal pilihan Ganda : 40 soal
Jumlah Soal Essay : 5 soal

  1. Isikan identitas Anda ke dalam Lembar Jawaban yang tersedia, sesuai petunjuk di Lembar Jawaban.
  2. Tersedia waktu 120 menit untuk mengerjakan paket tes tersebut.
  3. Jumlah soal sebanyak 40 butir pilihan ganda, pada setiap butir soal terdapat 5 (lima) pilihan jawaban dan 5 butir soal uraian.
  4. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya.
  5. Laporkan kepada pengawas ujian apabila terdapat lembar soal yang kurang jelas, rusak atau tidak lengkap.
  6. Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas ujian, bila diperlukan.
  7. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika,atau alat bantu hitung lainnya .
  8. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian.

  • Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling  tepat pada soal pilihan ganda, dengan menghitamkan (•) pada A, B, C, D, atau E pada lembar jawaban yang tersedia!
  • Jawablah dengan tepat soal uraian pada lembar jawab uraian.
The following dialog is for question no.1
Rudy   : Congratulation! You got the gold medal in badminton competition.
Candra : Thank you.
Rudy   : you are great. How to manage yourself to be the best in Badminton?
Candra : Exercise makes perfect. I join a badminton club and I am trained twice a week.
Rudy   : It means only physical training and exercise?
Candra : No, not only that. I also learn a lot from my seniors about how to build a champion
Rudy   : Do you believe that luck also influencesthe result?
Candra : Yes, I think so. Praying and havingpositive thinking help us to make the good luck.
Rudy   : You are right.
1.      What does the dialog tell us about?
A.    We can be perfect without regular exercise because of luck
B.     Candra doesn’t believe in a good luck nor a bad one
C.     The seniors have no influence in making someone to be a champion.
D.    By makinga regular exercise and flowing in a luck, you will win the competition.
E.     Physical trainings, mentality management, and praying are factors to make the best.
The following dialog is for question no.2
Arya    :Hallo Ranti, What are you doing?
Ranti   :  Hay,  I’m doing the homework. What happens ?
Arya    :  I’m hungry. I haven’t got breakfast
Ranti   :  Ok, let’s go to canteen. By the way, where will you spend your holiday?.
Arya    :  I think I’ll go to Bangkok. What about you?         
Ranti   : Maybe I’ll go to Solo. When are you going to Bangkok?
 Arya   :  Next Saturday. I will be boarding a morning flight so that I have plenty of time to take
               in a city tour.
Ranti   :  May I take you to the airport?
Arya   :  No, thanks. I’ll hire a taxi. Besides, you have an appointment on Saturday morning,
don’t you?
Ranti   :  O.K. By the way, will you take a camera?
Arya    :  I’d love to, but I don’t have a camera. So, I think I’ll use my mobile phone to take
Ranti   :  No, it’s better if you use a camera. Don’t worry. You can use my camera.
 Arya   :  Don’t bother.
Ranti   :  No, It’s O.K. I’ll deliver the camera next Friday morning.
  Arya  :  All right, if you insist. Thank you very much.
2.       Where does the dialogue probably take place?
A.    At home
B.     At school
C.     At an airport
D.    At a bus stop
E.     At the train station
The following dialog is for question no.3.
 Woman      : I think the weather is not friendly enough for us to do outdoor activities.
Man           : Yes. We’d better cancel our trip.
3.Why does the man think they should cancel the trip?
A.      They have the other activities.
B.       The weather is friendly enough.
C.       There is something urgent to do.
D.      The man is busy working outdoors.
E.       The weather is too bad to do the trip.
The following dialog is for question no.4
Rama   :  You look so pale. I bring you some soup, fix you some tea and bake you some treats.
    Hope you recover soon.
Imran   :  Thanks a lot. ________________  I really appreciate that.
Rido    :  I’d also water your plants and tidy your room.
Imran   :  Thank you very much. I’m glad you do it for me.
Ramon :  To help you feel better, I’d fluff up your pillow and straighten your sheets.
Imran   :  I am so grateful to you. You’re the best friends I have ever had.
4.      The best respond to complete the dialog is . .
A.    What a good job!
B.     What a wonderful job!
C.     What a lovely friend you are!
D.    What a good-looking friend you are!
E.     What a handsome friend you are!
The following dialog is for question no.5.
Evan    :  Hi Arini. You look so happy, what happened
Arini    :  I won the speech contest.   I’ve received cash as the prize and I will use it.
Evan    :  Anyway, what will you use the money for?
Arini    :  I want to deposit part of the money and donate the rest to people in need.
Evan    :  . . . .to donate it to the victims of the volcano eruptions. They have to live in
                evacuation places and actually need help.
Arini    :  . . . ., but how to donate it?The victims live far from us.
Evan    :  You may transfer your money to ACT account. You know ACT is a trustable
               organization in helping victims in natural disaster.
Arini    :  What’stheaccount number?
Evan    :  Here it is.
5.      The suitable expression for the blanks in the text is . . . .
A.    I don’t think – I am not with you
B.     I invite you – Sorry, I can’t
C.     That is a good idea-  I suggest you
D.    Why don’t you – That’s a good idea
E.     That sounds nice –I advice you.
The following dialog is for question no.6
Andro              :  Mom, may I go for a walk with my friends this afternoon?
Mrs. Wibowo  :  For what?
Andro              :  Joni and I have an appointment to take a walk this afternoon.
Mrs. Wibowo  :  Do you want to break your promise? You promised me not to hang out too often,
   didn’t you?
Andro              :  I didn’t mean to break my promise. I went nowhere this week, right? So can I
   go now?
Mrs. Wibowo  : Well, you know that I feel a bit disappointed with your score last semester. I do
hope you can do better this semester. That is why I forbid you from going out
too often.  . . . if you want to get a good score
Andro              :  Yes. I know that, Mom. I promise I will focus more on my studies and won’t
                           disappoint you anymore. So may I go with my friends this afternoon?
Mrs. Wibowo  :  You may go next time, at the weekend.
Andro              :  All right. I’ll tell Joni, then.
6.      The best respond to complete the dialog is . . . .
A.    You should study hard
B.     You may study hard
C.     You can be a good student
D.    You will study hard
E.     You must stay at home
The following dialog is for question no. 7
Amelia             :  Hi, Bram. Why do you come so late, the meeting started an hour ago.
Bram               : I am sorry. I don’t mean to make this bad situation.
Amelia             : Can you tell me why?
Bram               :  Yeah. It is because of the very bad weather in my area.
Amelia             : Oh , I see.  Now prepare yourself to make a presentation . . . .
Bram               : OK. It will be ready in ten minutes.
7.      The suitable statement for the blank is . . . .
A.    because the next is your turn
B.     Since you are not allowed to join the meeting
C.     due to the very bad weather in here
D.    As you come early this morning
E.     Because of your on-time attendance
The following picture is for question number 8.

Three friends are using their hand phones. They are sitting on a bench in the park. All of them are busy with their gadget.

8.      What can we learn from the caption above?
A.      The use of gadget is crucial.
B.       Hand phone is essential in our activities.
C.       Friends must be united like in the picture.
D.      It indicates that technology can ruin the real life.
E.       People can share information by using hand phone.
This text is for question no. 9

 Natural Bridge National Park

Natural Bridge National Park is a Luscious tropical rainforest

It is located 110 kilometers south of Brisbane and is reached by following the Pacific Highway to Nerang and then by traveling through the Numinbah valley. This scenic roadway lies in the shadow of the Lamington National Park.

The phenomenon of the rock formed into a natural ‘arch’ and the cave through which a waterfall cascades is a short one-kilometer walk below a dense rainforest canopy from the main picnic area. Swimming is permitted in the rock pools. Night time visitors to the cave will discover the unique feature of the glow worms.

Picnic areas offer toilets, barbeques, shelter sheds, water, and fireplaces. However overnight camping is not permitted. 

9.      The picture of the natural Bridge National Park is . . . .Soal Paket C USBN Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII

This text is for question no. 10 to 11


To All Third Grade Students

All library books have to be returned on the twenty-second of May 2009. They should be covered with non-colorful wrapping plastic. Lost books must be replaced with the ones of similar subjects. Fine will be charged to the late return of the books. Students who have handed in all books will get receipts that have to be submitted to the administration officers.

10.  Where is the announcement delivered?
A.    In the classroom
B.     In the public library
C.     In the school library
D.    In the yard of the school
E.     In the front of teacher’s office
11.  From the announcement above we can conclude that the readers are the third grade students who have to. . . .
A.        borrow books from the library
B.        get books from the library
C.        buy books from the library
D.        return the books to the library
E.         hold all the books in the library
This text is for question no. 12 to 13

Tips to increase concentration when studying

  1. Be enthusiastic about what you learn. Stay away from others and take a deep breath several times. It will help you feel relaxed and beat a bad mood
  2. Find a place to study. It should not always be a nice place but you must be comfortable in the place.
  3. Identify things that can probably disturb you, such as certain fragrances, etc.You have to have strategies to remove the disturbance.
  4. If you want to study while you listen to music, choose soft music. It functions as background that will make you comfortable.
  5. To help you understand the material easily, start your study with questions and outlining the chapter.
  6. Break up the materials into smaller parts that can be completed in a short time
  7. Concentrate on one task. Complete the task and move to another.
  8. Spend your peak time of concentration on difficult topics
  9. Take five minutes break after completing each task

12.  The text mostly uses in condition when a student . . . .
A.    will  join teaching-learning activity
B.     will have an examination
C.      is lazy to study
D.    has many home works
E.     has a problem in studying
13.  After reading the tips, the student should . . . .
A.    do the tips when studying
B.     tell the tips to his/her friend
C.     share the tips to his/her friend
D.    inform the tips to his/her friend
E.     write the tips in his/her notebooks
This text is for question no. 14 to 15

Dear Mr. Tanaka,

It would be a great honor to have you at The International Traditional Art Conference to be held from 4 to 8 June at the Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.

We herby kindly invite you, a central art figure in Japan, as our distinguished guest to attend various events at the conference. Your ideas on contemporary art will be valuable in any discussion session. This letter can be used for the issue of your visa and official airline ticket.

We look forward to your attendance and participation.


Handoyo Subekti
Conference director
14.  From the text above, we know that the reader is invited . . . .
A.    to be a speaker in a conference
B.     to support  a conference
C.     to come to a conference
D.    to hold a conference
E.     to make a conference
15.  “as our distinguishedguest to attend various events at the conference”.
The underlined word means . . . .
A.    special
B.     lovely
C.     famous
D.    common
E.     notorious
This text is for question numbers 16 and 17.

To fill this semester vacation, there will be excursing program to Pulau Seribu held by The SMANSA Students Board. The program will be held on December 23, 2017. There will be interesting programs during the excursion. Please be registered before December 20, 2017. For detailed information, please contact Adinda, the program coordinator, at 08577846817.

16.  The purpose of the text is ....
A.    to describe vacation program.
B.    to tell about Students Board activity.
C.    to inform about Students Board activity.
D.    to announce students excursion to Pulau Seribu.
E.    to introduce new program of the Students Board.
17.  When is the due date of the registration?
A.    on December 20, 2017.
B.    on December 23, 2017.
C.    before December 20, 2017.
D.    after December 23, 2017.
E.    before December 23, 2017.
This text is for question numbers 18 - 20.

Should People Shop in Online Shop?

Nowadays, the activity of online shopping has risen steadily around the world. It has become a new lifestyle for people in modern city since 21St century. Even though there are still many people who prefer buying their daily needs in a market to shopping online, shopping online for certain people has more advantages than its drawbacks.

There are strong arguments in favour of online shopping. For some people, particularly working people, they argue that the existence of online shop is very utilitarian in their life. That is because they do not have to go to a market which they may spend much time. Moreover, online shop has offered many types of goods that customer can buy, so they have many preferences to select the best ones.

Furthermore, nowadays, there have been many online shops which put some buyer testimonies on their websites. If customers feel worried about the quality of goods, they can see and read some testimonies concerning the quality of those goods. Therefore, with the presence of testimony, consumers can easily determine whether the quality of goods is decent or not.

In conclusion, online shopping has advantages and merits for many people. Thus, people can utilize online shopping as new lifestyle due to its benefits.

18.  This passage is mainly concerned with ....
A.    the arguments about online shopping
B.    the easiness given by online shopping
C.    the new lifestyle among carrier woman
D.    the rise of online shopping around the world
E.    the supportive arguments on online shopping
19.   Based on the text, which of the following is the reason why people choose online shopping?
A.    the high price
B.    can be done everywhere
C.    the limited kind the goods
D.    the laziness of the customer
E.    the practicality of transaction
20.   “Therefore, with the presence of testimony, consumers can easily determine whether the quality of goods is decent or not.” (paragraph 3)
         The underlined word may be best replaced by ....
A.    considerable
B.    respectable
C.    acceptable
D.    credible
E.    reliable
This text is for question no. 21 to 23
 “Did you see that?” Joe said to his friend Bill. “You’re a great shooter!” Bill caught the basketball and bounced it before throwing it again. The ball flew into the net. “Bill, you never miss!” Joe said admiringly. “Unless I’m in a real game,” Bill complained. “Then I miss all the time.” Joe knew that Bill was right. Bill performed much better when he was having fun with Joe in the school yard than he did when he was playing for the school team in front of a large crowd.
“Maybe you just need to practice more,” Joe suggested. “But I practice all the time with you!” Bill objected. He shook his head. “I just can’t play well when people are watching me.” “You play well when I’m watching,” Joe pointed out. “That’s because I’ve known you since we were five years old,” Bill said with a smile. “I’m just not comfortable playing when other people are around.”
Joe nodded and understood, but he also had an idea. The next day Joe and Bill met in the school yard again to practice. After a few minutes, Joe excused himself. “Practice without me,” Joe said to his friend. “I’ll be back in a minute.” Joe hurried through the school building, gathering together whomever he could find—two students, a math teacher, two secretaries, and a janitor. When Joe explained why he needed them, everyone was happy to help. Joe reminded the group to stay quiet as they all went toward the school’s basketball court.
As Joe had hoped, Bill was still practicing basketball. He made five baskets in a row without noticing the silent people standing behind him. “Hey, Bill!” Joe called out finally. Bill turned. A look of surprise came over his face. “I just wanted to show you that you could play well with people watching you,” Joe said. “Now you’ll have nothing to worry about for the next game!”
21.  According to the text, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A.   There were six people silently watching Bill play the game.
B.    Joe asked six people including the principal to be the spectators.
C.    Joe was too shy to play basketball before large spectators around him.
D.   Bill was playing the game without noticing seven people watching him.
E.    Bill was always confident about his ability to play in front of the large crowd.
22.  How do you compare the two main characters in the above story?
A.   Bill and Joe were not good at playing basketball in front of many people.
B.    Bill played more confidently in front of the crowd than Joe did.
C.    The two boys had been friends since they were six years old.
D.   Unlike Joe, Bill was an encouraging boy.
E.    Unlike Bill, Joe was an enthusiastic boy.
23.  Bill said, “I will win … I am not in a real game.”
A.   unless
B.    due to
C.    but
D.   if
E.    or
This text is for questions no. 24 to 25
Robinson Elohansen
586 Sudirman St. Jakarta 45965 Tel. 021 555 1212
July 23, 2016
Jasmine Investments, Inc.
Attn.: Budi Waluyo
4634 Menteri Supeno St.
Semarang 50242

Dear Mr. Waluyo:

        I am writing to you regarding your advertisement in Star Magazine on September 13, 2016. Considering my educational background and five years working in office management, I am sure that I have enough experience for this position. I believe I also have the necessary skills to work in a team to support the position of Office Manager.

       I believe I fulfill some requirements of the position below.

  • Organizing a team efficiently and working in a team
  • Leading and manage office well by supporting ‘E’ systems
  • Work with clear vision and objectives
  • Finish tasks within a tight deadline

In my last position, I was able to lead a company with over 250 employees. I enjoy working with people from various backgrounds. I improve my interpersonal skills by creating a congenial and creative office environment.

       I hope that after reviewing my application letter, you will find that I have abilities which suit your requirements. Please get in touch with me if you have any further questions. Thank you for your consideration.


Robinson Elohansen

24.  From the text above, we can conclude that the writer . . . .
A.    wants to apply for a job .
B.     wants to be interviewed soon.
C.     is able to lead a big company
D.    has experience as a marketing management
E.     has quality to support office Manager
25.  How do you compare the ideas in paragraph 2 and 3?
A.    Both paragraphs tell about the data of the applicant
B.     Both paragraphs tell about the ability of the applicant
C.     The second paragraph tells the quality of the applicant
D.    Unlike the second paragraph, the third paragraph tells the ability of the applicant
E.     Unlike the third paragraph, the second paragraph tells the hope of the applicant
This text is for questions no. 26 to 28
Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) prosecutors have demanded the Jakarta Corruption Court sentence former Maritime Security Board (Bakamla) head of planning, Nofel Hasan, to five years' imprisonment on Wednesday.
They also demanded he pay Rp 200 million (US$14,000) in fines for his alleged role in a bribery case surrounding the procurement of a satellite monitoring system at Bakamla.
He allegedly accepted $104,500 for his capacity as the official in charge of the project. “We demand judges declare the defendant guilty in committing the graft together (with the other parties),” prosecutor Kiki Ahmad Yani said on Wednesday at the Jakarta Corruption Court. The KPK also declined Nofel’s proposal to be a justice collaborator in the Bakamla case.
In May last year, businessmen Muhammad Adami Okta and Hardy Stevanus were sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for their roles in a bribery case involving Bakamla officials, namely Bakamla deputy Eko Susilo Hadi, Bakamla director of data and information Commodore Bambang Udoyo, Eko’s administration staffer, Tri Nanda Wicaksono, and Nofel.
26.  What does the text tell about?
A.    Some persons involved in corruption
B.     Corruptors in Maritime Security Board 
C.     A justice collaborator in the Bakamla case
D.    A bribery case surrounding the procurement
E.     KPK prosecutors demand in sentencing the suspect
27.  What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A.    The KPK declined Nofel’s proposal.
B.     Some money should be paid in fines.
C.     Some people were involved in corruption.
D.    Two businessmen were sentenced in a bribery case.
E.     The KPK askedjudges declare the defendant guilty.
28.  They also demanded he pay Rp 200 million ….”
What is the closest meaning of the underlined word?
A.    gave
B.     offered
C.     refused
D.    suspended
E.     prosecuted
This text is for no.29 to 30

Most people think that dust is very harmful to us. But this is not true. Dust is, in fact, very useful, and therefore, it is essential to know what dust is and how it is formed.

Every solid substance is composed of very small particles. When these small particles of matters are scattered, they become dust particles. Forexample, if we go on breaking a brick or a stone into small pieces, it will turn into small particles. These particles get mixed with air and they are called dust particles. The air carries dust particles from one place to another.

There are different ways by which dust is formed. When solid substance break, dust is formed. Smoke generated by the burning of coal, wood, petrol, etc., also produces dust. Dust particles also come from death plants, sea salt, desert, volcanic sand, etc.  The particles of the earth’s surface also fly in the air. In the form of dust.

The biggest use of the dust particles is that they help in the formation of the rain. The water vapors in the clouds condenses on the dust particles in the form of water –drops. These drops fall on the earth as rains. The absence of dust particles can delay the rain. Likewise, mist, fog, etc, are also formed due to the presence of dust particles.

29.  What is the purpose of the text?
A.    To retell about harmful dust
B.     To explain how dust is formed.
C.     To describe the water vapors in the cloud
D.    To tell about the breaking of a stone into small particles
E.     To persuade people about the particles of the earth’s surface also fly in the air.
30.   How can dust move from one place to another?
A.    Smoke carries it
B.     Smoke generates it
C.     It pushes the air away
D.    It goes on breaking
E.     The air carries it
31.  How can a stone become dust?
A.    When dust is formed
B.     When it is burned
C.     When it flies in the air
D.    When it gets mixed with air
E.     When it goes on breaking into very small particles
         This text is for questions numbers 32 - 34.

Lately, concerns have arisen that Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, and its immediate surroundings are threatened to experience a clean water crisis by 2025. Clean water, which is produced by two private operators – PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (Palyja) and Aetra Air Jakarta – currently totals 18.7 m3 per second. However, by 2025, demand for clean water will reach 41.3 m3/second as the population of Jakarta is estimated to grow to 14.6 million people from 9.6 million currently (the unofficial figure is possibly much higher).

It has been reported that city-owned property developer Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) and city-owned developer Pembangunan Jaya will acquire a combined 100 percent stake in Palyja. If the Jakarta administration has a direct stake in the city water operators, it will increase public supervision on the local clean water industry.

PAM Lyonnaise Jaya, which manages the clean water supply in the west side of Jakarta, is a private water operator that is partly controlled by Astra International through its subsidiary Astratel Nusantara. Palyja has been active in Jakarta for about 16 years. However, last year a law suit was filed demanding that the court will annul the agreement between city water operator PAM Jaya and Palyja and Aetra Air Jakarta (Aetra) claiming that public access to affordable clean water has been hindered.

Based on information from the World Bank, Indonesia plans to achieve universal clean water access by 2019 but almost half of the population still do not have access to clean water at present.

32.  What is the text about? It’s about ....
A.    the growth of water supply
B.    PAM Lyonnaise Jaya
C.    clean water industry
D.    city water operators
E.    clean water crisis
33.  What is predicted to happen in 2025?
A.    Public access to affordable clean water will be hundred.
B.    Indonesia to achieve universal clean water access.
C.    There will be more water supply operators.
D.    The demand for clean water will decrease.
E.    Jakarta will experience water crisis.
34.  Paragraph one discusses ...
A.    the demand for clean water.
B.    clean water crisis in Jakarta in 2025.
C.    the rapid growth of Jakarta population.
D.    the production of clean water in Jakarta.
E.    two private operators producing clean water.
          This text is for questions numbers 35 and 36.

Indonesian Tourism Industry Association Bali offers free accommodation

Jakarta | Tue, November 28, 2017 | 12:35 pm

Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) Bali is offering free accommodation for stranded tourists at the Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali that has been closed since Nov. 27 due to volcanic ash from Mount Agung.

 “Not a single tourist should stay overnight at the airport, GIPI Bali together with Badung regional administration is providing free accommodation for tonight and tomorrow, if the airport remains closed,” said GIPI Bali head, Gus Agung

 “We’ve set aside two billion rupiahs for two nights, one room is allocated for two guests,” Gus added.

The accommodation also includes breakfast.

In the era of social media, Gus Agung mentioned, unsatisfied tourists are free to express their frustrations. “But if they are served well with respect, they will also post their happiness amid the panicky situation,” he added.

Tourism minister Arief Yahya praised GIPI Bali for initiative, “What is being done by the Badung regency and GIPI Bali is very good. This is what we call a long-term investment,” he said.

The two billion rupiahs is relatively small compared to Badung’s average Locally-Generated Income (PAD) in a year that is at seven trillion rupiahs.

35.  The writers intention in writing the above text is ....
A.    to tell that people are panic because of the ash
B.    to tell the audience about some new worthy
C.    to describe the situation due to volcanic ash
D.    to tell the audience free accommodation
E.    to describe the panicky situation
36.  From the text we may conclude that ....
A.    all tourists should stay overnight at the airport
B.    tourists should stay overnight because of the ash
C.    the fund allocated for serving the tourists is reasonable
D.    GIPIBali and Badung regency have served the tourists well
E.    unsatisfied tourists expresses their frustration in social media
This text is for questions no. 37 to 38

 Tattoo and Piercings

Tattoo and body piercing are very popular in several countries. For example, in Korea, body-piercing is done by popular singers and artists. They do that because they want to look different and exceptional. But, tattooing for young people should be banned because tattoos can affect their health and skin.

Many countries, including the U.S.A., urge that underage youngsters should not be allowed to get piercings and tattoos. People feel differently about tattooing and piercing because criminal groups, like gangsters, usually have tattoos. Some gangs indicate that they are members of a group by getting a specially-shaped tattoo, so youth might be apt to join bad circles.

From the facts above, it can be concluded that young people should not get piercings and tattoos. They can’t get them without parental consent.

37.  What is the advantage of prohibiting piercings and tattoos for young people?
A.    Their skin will be healthy
B.     Their skin will look different
C.     They will feel similar with others
D.    They will be saved from gangsters
E.     They will have self confident
38.  “Some gangs indicate that they are members of a group by getting a specially-shaped tattoo”
The underlined word refers to . . . .
A.    Young people
B.     Some gangs
C.     Parents
D.    Singers
E.     Artists
This text is for questions no. 39 to 40
(Mariah Carey)
There's a hero
If you look inside your heart
You don't have to be afraid
Of what you are
There's an answer
If you reach into your soul
And the sorrow that you know
Will melt away
Reff :
And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you
It's a long, road
When you face the world alone
No one reaches out a hand
For you to hold
You can find love
If you search within yourself
And the emptiness you felt
Will disappear
Lord knows
Dreams are hard to follow
But don't let anyone
Tear them away
Hold on
There will be tomorrow

In time you'll find the way

39.  What is the topic of the song lyric above?
A.    Reaching ambition
B.     Being hero in our dream
C.     Giving the best to others
D.    Surviving in getting honour
E.     Keeping spirit in achieving dreams
40.  What is the message that the singer wants to convey?
A.    We should never give up.
B.     We have to be hero to others.
C.     We must work hard to be hero.
D.    We may take away our dreams.
E.     We need to get high dedication in living.
41.    Read the following text and answer the question.

When we had a holiday last year, my family and I went to a place at the seaside and borrowed a boat from one of our friends. We sailed and finished on the sea all day.

When the sea was rough, we sailed on a small lake near the sea instead. There were not many fish in the lake, but in the sea we caught a lot with a hook, line and small pieces of bread.

When the weather was fine, we collected pieces of dried wood and fired or grilled our fish over them on the beach.

What kind of experience did the writer have in the text?
This text is for question no.42

42. What is the suitable preposition for the blank spaces in the text above?

43. Arrange the following paragraphs into a good text!



 On August 15, at 8 p.m., under the leadership of Chairul Saleh, younger groups and older groups gathered in the backroom Bacteriologi Laboratory which located in JalanPegangsaaanTimur number 13, Jakarta. The younger group argued that Indonesia must declared their independence immediately. But the older group didn’t agree that. Because of that, independence should be discussed on PPKI meeting on August 18, 1945.


 After having a long discussion, Soekarno was willing to declare it after returning to Jakarta. At that moment in Jakarta, Wikana from younger groups and Ahmad Soebarjo from older groups made a negotiations. The results was that the declaration of Indonesia Independence should be held in Jakarta. In addition, Tadashi Maeda allowed his place for negotiations and he was willing to guarantee their safety. Finally, Soekarno and Hatta were picked from Rengasdengklok.


On the day of Friday, August 17 1945, Soekarno read the Proclamation of Indonesia Independence text and then connected with a short speech without text. After that, Latif Hendra Ningrat and Soehoed was fluttering the flag which had sewn by Mrs. Fatmawati. Then audience sang Indonesia Raya song together. Finally the proclamation was heard throughout the country.


At first Proclamation of Indonesia Independence would be read at Ikala Field. But the road to the Ikada Field was guarded by japanese army. Finally they moved to residence of Soekarno at Jalan PegangsaanTimur number 56 Jakarta


On August 14,1945, Japan surrended unconditionally to the Allies. The news was kept secret by the Japanese army in Indonesia, but SutanSyahrir, the youth of Indonesia, knew it through the BBC Radio Broadcasts in London on August 15,1945. At the same time, Ir. Soekarno and Drs. Moh Hatta returned to the Indonesia from Saigon, Vietnam


Text of Proclamation of Indonesia Independence formulated by Soekarno, Hatta, and Ahmad Subarjo. Once the text was completed and approved, Sajuti Melik then copied and typed the manuscript used a typewriter

44. Write four exchanges dialog based on the following situation!
Donny is sitting in a school canteen. He is so pale and tired. Tiara, his classmate comes and sits beside him. She gives suggestion and offering help to her.
45. Observe the situation reflected in the following picture, then write your opinion about it

****GOOD LUCK****




















































































41.  The writer had a holiday. He  sailed on the sea and on a small lake near the sea, caught fish and enjoyed them after he fired and grilled them
42. a. in                       b. for               c.  of                d. from
43. E – A –  B – F – D – C
44. any possible answer
45. any possible answer

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