Contoh Soal PHT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 SMA/MA/SMK Semester Ganjil

Contoh Soal PHT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 SMA/MA/SMK Semester Ganjil

Kami akan membagikan soal bahasa inggris gratis kelas 12 SMA/MA maupun SMK. Tak hanya itu, soal yang kami bagikan ini lengkap dengan kunci jawaban yang dapat membantu kalian, yang kesulitan dalam mengerjakan soal. 

Tak perlu berlama-lama, cus. Silkan dinikmati soalnya.

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Wajib
Kelas : XII (Duabelas)
Hari/ tanggal : ……………………
Waktu : 60 menit
Jumlah Soal : 40 pilihan ganda 


Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang tepat dengan memberi  tanda silang (x)  pada salah satu huruf jawaban a, b, c, d, atau e pada lembar jawaban !

 1.   Donny       : We’ll certainly need more chairs for our meeting this afternoon.

      Wanda       : But we need more rental chairs and I don’t know if the rental company

                           can deliver more chairs quickly.

      Donny       : We’re good customers of theirs. I believe they can handle it for us.

      What are they talking about?

      A. There aren’t enough chairs.

      B. The rent is expensive.

      C. The meeting is too long.

      D. The meeting starts too early.

      E. The rental company is closed.


 2. Man            : Good morning, miss. Is there anything I can do for you?

    Woman        : Yes, I need a pair of sports shoes.

    Man             : What is your favorite trade mark, miss? Reebok, Nike or Adidas?

    Woman        : I’d rather have Nike. If possible, the ones made in USA.

    Who are talking in the dialogue?

A.    A doctor and a patient

B.     A clerk and a customer

C.     A director and a secretary

D.    A driver and a passenger

E.     A customer and a shop-assistant


3.  Eko       : Do you mind if I turn the television off?

     Lani      : Well I’m in the middle of watching the program.

      Where are Eko and Lani?

      A. At an airport’s waiting lounge

      B. In a formal office seminar room

      C. In a family’s livingroom

      D. In a public cafetaria

      E. In a teachers’ office


4. Mr. Goshwhite        : Let’s discuss our plan further at next Friday’s meeting.

    Mr. Henderson        : Unfortunately, I’ll be leaving for London on Thursday afternoon.

    Mr. Goshwhite        : Well, maybe we can talk that morning over breakfast.

    When will both gentlemen meet again?

A.    Monday

B.     Tuesday

C.     Wednesday

D.    Thursday

E.     Friday


  5. Bimo : Why do you look so sad, Dian?

      Dian : The principal asked me to see him just now.

      Bimo : What’s the problem?

      Dian  : I must study hard this semester, or else I’ll be kicked out of school.

      What will happen if Dian doesn’t study hard this semester?

      A. She will continue her study abroad.

      B. She will not be promoted to the next class.

      C. She will stay at the same year.

      D. She will be punished by the school.

      E. She will have to find another school.

6.   Ayu           : Are you going to watch the movie on TV tonight?

      Nesti          : No, I think I’ll watch the soccer game.

      Ayu           : Why don’t we watch the newest James Bond movie? It’s on at E-Plaza


      Nesti          : ..........................................................

      Which is the best response if Nesti agrees with the idea?

A.    That’s a good idea.

B.     I don’t think so.

C.     I’m afraid I can’t.

D.    I object to the idea.

E.     Have a good time.


7.   Kumbino : For the next presentation, I’ll do Chapter 1 and 2, and you do Chapter 3 .

      Pandiyo   :  When will we discuss the chapters?Will tomorrow be OK?

      Kumbino :  All right. I’ll go to your house to discuss  the presentation strategy at 16.00 tomorrow.

      Pandiyo  : If so, I’ll be waiting for you at 16.00 tomorrow.

      Kumbino  : ........ .

      Which is the best response for Pandiyo’s statement?

A.    I’ll never do it again.

B.     You must not forget it.

C.     Are you accusing me?

D.    I promise I’ll come on time.

E.     Let’s get to work now.


8. Secretary     : Excuse me, Mr. Harris, Miss Laila is coming to see you. Are you going

                          to see her or not?

      Mr. Harris : ................................................................

      Which is the best response if Mr. Harris agrees to see Miss Laila?

A.    Don’t worry about yourself

B.     Have a nice vacation

C.     Get me a glass of water

D.    Please come in.

E.     Okay. Send her in.

9.   Yuni          : Look. I’ve got a package from my aunt in America.

      Tesa           : ………………………………………..

      Which is the best response if Tesa wants to know what is in the package?

A.    What can you do about this package?

B.     So, what is your plan this time?

C.     You are right. I was wrong.

D.    Do you want me to help you?

E.     Really? I wonder what it is


10. Headmaster : Here are some little pieces of paper with your handwriting on.

                             These show you cheated during the chemistry lesson yesterday.

      Student        :  .......................................................................

      Which would be the best expression if the student admitted  it?

      A. Yes,Sir. It was my fault. I am really sorry.

      B. But, I didn’t do it purposefully ,Sir.

      C. Sorry. I’m not responsible for it, Sir.

      D. I’m sorry,Sir. I am not the one to blame on.

      E. Are you accusing me, Sir?


11. Man           : Can I give you a hand?

      Woman      : Oh, yes, please. I want to buy blender. Can you show me?

      Man           : Sure, come with me. I’ll show you

      Woman      : Thank you

      Man           : Here are the blenders

     Where does the conversation take place?

A.    A bookshop

B.     A store

C.     A hotel

D.    A school

E.     A boutique


12. Man           : Good morning, may I help you?

      Woman      : Yes, please. I would like to buy a pair of trousers for adult.

      Man           : We have many brands for trousers. Please follow me, madam

      Woman      : Okay

     What is the man’s job?

A.    A waiter

B.     A shop assistant

C.     A porter

D.    A customer service

E.     A receptionist


13. Man           : Hello, information. How can I help you?

      Woman      : I’d like to know about trains from Jakarta to Surabaya?

      Man           : Sure, What would you like to know?

      Woman      : Is there a sleeper train

      Man           : Yes, There are two

     What will the man probably do?

A.    The man offers  help to give information

B.     The man offers the woman a discount of train tickets

C.     The woman asks for the man’s suggestion

D.    The woman gives the man an offer about the train

E.     The woman refuses the man’s offer


14. Man           : What’s wrong madam?

      Woman      : I can’t open the door

      Man           : .  .  .  .

     What is the most appropriate response to say next?

A.    Please, don’t bother

B.     What can I do for you?

C.     What if I close it?

D.    May I help you leave the room?

E.     Would you like me to open it for you?


15. Man           : Excuse me, Madam. Can I help you?

      Woman      : Oh, yes, please. Do you have a pack of coffee?

      Man           : Sure, we do. Wait for a while. I’ll take it for you

      Woman      : .  .  .  .

     What is the most appropriate response to say next?

A.    Certainly

B.     Thank you very much

C.     It’s alright

D.    No, thanks

E.     I can manage myself


16. Man           : Excuse me, May I take your suitcase to your room, Madam?

      Woman      : Oh, yes, please. Thank you very much?

      What is the man’s profession?

A.    A receptionist

B.     A waiter

C.     A hotel room boy

D.    A porter

E.     A taxi driver


This dialogue is for questions 17 to 19

Receptionist    : Good morning, may I help you?

Guest               : Can you tell me when I can get a meal in the restaurant this evening?

Receptionist    : Yes, certainly. The dinner service starts at 7 o’clock

Guest               : Do I need to book a table?

Receptionist    : No, That’s not really necessary

Guest               : Thank you

Receptionist    : You’re welcome



17. Where does the conversation take place?

A.    At a restaurant

B.     At an airplane

C.     At a hotel

D.    At a meeting room

E.     At a shopping centre


18. From the dialogue, we know that the guest asks for .  .  .  .

A.    dinner

B.     reservation

C.     meal

D.    room service

E.     information


19. Which of the following statements is TRUE based on the dialogue?

A.    The guest wants to book a table

B.     The guest wants to try the new restaurant

C.     The guest stays at a hotel

D.    The guest is a chef at the restaurant

E.     The guest wants the meal to be served soon


This text is questions 20 – 21

Dear Vanya.

  I heard that you are very busy this month. I know you are conducting a research. It’s very difficult but you should finish it soon. You have to arrange a meeting and make a proposal for the next month event. What if I help you arrange the meeting?  I can also ask Andri to make the proposal together, so you can focus on your own research. If you agree, we will inform the result to you.

    I’m looking forward to your reply


20. Why is Vanya busy this month?

A.    She is doing a research

B.     She has a meeting

C.     She has a lot of homework

D.    She has a family problem

E.     She does not focus on her work


21. What does Sarah offer to help?  She will . . . .

A.    conduct the research

B.     make the proposal alone

C.     go to the meeting

D.    help Vanya do the research

E.     arrange the meeting


This text is for questions 22 -24

A man was driving his car when he saw an old lady, stranded on the side of the road. He saw that she needed help. So, he stopped his car and got out.

He smiled, while he was approaching her, still she was worried, as nobody had stopped for hours. Moreover, she did not look safe, as his appearance was so poor and shabby. He could see, how frightened she was, so he tried to calm her. “I’m here to help you. Don’t worry. My name is Bryan Anderson

The tire was flat, so he had to crawl under the car. While changing the tire, he got dirty and his hand hurt

When the job was done, she asked how much she owed him for his help. Bryan smiled. He said.”If you really want to pay me back, the next time you see someone who needs help, give that person the needed assistance. And think of me.”

Taken from:

22. Why did the lady stand on the side of the road?

A.    Her car was stolen

B.     She could not go home

C.     She was afraid of strangers

D.    Her car tire was flat

E.     She was left by her husband


23. What did the man want as the reward? He wanted the woman. . . .

A.    some money

B.     to pay him back

C.     to help others who need help

D.    to change the tire

E.     to be careful every time


24. What did the man offer to the woman?

A.    A smile

B.     A lift

C.     Some money

D.    Changing the tire

E.     Calling a taxi

This text is for question 25

Rescue workers carry one of the Base Camp victims to be air lifted by helicopter. Doctors and other witnesses say more than 60 were injured 21 have perished so far. With space on the helicopter limited, the bodies of the dead have been collected in the yellow tents (background).

25.  What are they doing?

A.    Cleaning the area.

B.     Helping the victims

C.     Giving some foods

D.    Hiking to the top of the mountain

E.     Contacting the doctor


This text is for question 26

” Roads that have turned into rivers “

26.  What can we learn from the picture and its caption above?

A.  Rivers are being enlarged.

B.   Citizens are crossing the rivers.

C.   The more rivers the less roads.

D.  More rivers are needed in wet season.

E.   Smart solution is badly needed.

This text is for question 27

The main road to the Puncak resort area in Bogor, West Java, was closed for 10 days on Feb. 7. The road was closed to clear the area of debris from landslides that were caused by recent heavy rains. (Antara/-)

27.  Why was the main road to the Puncak resort area in Bogor, West Java, closed?

A.    Because the landslide is still happening.

B.     Because the road is being cleaned up after the landslide.

C.     Because the road has been renovated after the heavy rain

D.    Because there will be a disaster on the  road to the Puncak resort area.

E.     Because there is a trafiic accident  that involves many vehicles on the road.


This text is for question 28

People walk through a waterlogged street following heavy rains in Mumbai, India, Aug. 29, 2017.

 28.  What problem is described in the picture?

A.    Landslides in Peru and Colombia.

B.     Indonesia’s Volcanic Eruption.

C.     Flooding in South Asia.

D.    Earthquakes in Peru.

E.     Droughts  in Africa.

This text is for question 29

Deadly landslide, flooding spark evacuations in Jakarta

Rescue workers evacuate people from a flooded neighborhood in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta,  February 5

29.  From the picture we know that…..

A.    The victims were very lack of some healthy food.

B.     The flood happened in Pasar Minggu before February 5.

C.     The rescue workers find some difficulties to evacuate the victims.

D.    The flood happened in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta on February 5

E.     The rescue workers were evacuated from the place on February 5

30.  Man       : Hello. Ilham speaking. May I help you?

Woman : Yes, Please. I would like to talk to Mr. Jay.

Man      : I’m sorry, he is not here. He is going to a meeting. Would you like me to deliver your massage?

Woman : Yes, Please tell him that I have sent the proposal by post

What does the man offer to do?

A.    Meet Mr. Jay

B.     Talk to the woman

C.     Have a meeting with the woman

D.    Find Mr. Jay and ask him to meet the woman

E.     Tell Mr. Jay about the woman’s message


31.   Man        : I have to prepare things for my vacation

Woman    : Actually, no preparation is really needed to visit a waterfall if you know where it is.

Man         : That’s right, but I don’t know where the waterfall is. My father said that it is new

According to the woman, the man doesn’t need to prepare things for his vacation if .  .  .  .

A.    he knows the location of the waterfall

B.     he doesn’t like the vacation

C.     his father has prepared for him

D.    the waterfall is new

E.     he has never gone to the waterfall


32.  Woman     : Oh no, the teacher is coming, but I haven’t taken the boardmaker

       Man          : What if I take the boardmaker and you continue sweeping the floor?.

Woman      : Okay. That’s very kind of you

Where does the conversation take place?

A.    in the classroom

B.     at a teacher’s room

C.     in a meeting room

D.    at home

E.     in an office


33.  Man       : I’m really sleepy

         Woman : What? You are going to take a train. You shouldn’t be sleepy

Man      : I’m afraid I sleep on the train

What is the most appropriate response to say next?

A.    If you are sleepy, sleep on the train

B.     If you sleep on the train, you cannot stay awake then

C.     If you are left on the train, get off at the next stop

D.    If you leave your friend, ask him to wait for a while

E.     If you want to sleep, just sleep on your seat


34.  Woman            : I’m very busy right now. I have to finish my paper. Then I must pick up my                                     brother

Man                 : .  .  .  .  .  .

What is the most appropriate response to say next?

A.    No. thanks. I can manage myself

B.     What if I pick up your brother?

C.     What  can I do for you?

D.    Do you think it is a good idea?

E.     If you don’t mind. Thank you


35.  Woman : Where did you go last week?

Man      : I went skiing with my cousins, but I’m bored of skiing now

Woman : .  .  .  .  .

What is the best response to say next?

A.    If you go skiing, ask me then

B.     If you are bored, go skiing again

C.     If you are getting bored, you should go skiing

D.    If you are getting bored of skiing, meet my cousins

E.     If you are getting bored of skiing, you can try paragliding


This dialogue is for questions 36 and 37

Mira      : Welcome to our shop. Can I help you?

Yessy    : I would like to buy a coat

Mira      : We have coats of latest variety. They are good quality

Yessy    : What kind of material is this?

Mira      : It is mixture of cotton and wool

Yessy    : How much does it cost?

Mira      : It costs Rp. 240.000

Yessy    : Do you offer any discount?

Mira      : I’m sorry. Our prices are always fixed

36.  Who are the speakers?

A.    Teacher and student

B.     Receptionist and guest

C.     Shopkeeper and customer

D.    Teller and customer

E.     Porter and guest


37.  From the dialogue, we know that Mira .  .  .  .

A.    serves Yessy

B.     offers a thing to Yessy

C.     gives Yessy a free thing

D.    tells Yessy about a thing

E.     informs Yessy to buy a thing


This text is for questions 38 to 40

            If we are travelling overseas, the quickest and best option is to fly. You could take a boat, but the travel time for that is often more than what most people can reasonably fit into their trip. If you are travelling an hour or two away, most people will drive. It’s cheap. Easy, and the best option for most nearby trips.

            Typically speaking travelling by car is the cheapest way to travel, especially if you have a vehicle that is relatively decent on gas. Trips that are within the 5 – 6 hour range are usually much less expensive when taken by car. These savings in relation to flying or train are compounded when you consider families with three or more individuals. Travelling by plane to close locations is often more expensive than diving. Also, train tickets can be costly as well whether travelling near or far. In a plane or train, everyone on board can relax and read, sleep or converse. In a car, someone always needs to be driving. People get tired, car-sick, and get bored.

            If you decide to take a train, you can take advantage of many of the pros for both cars and planes. You can relax, be productive and see the sights of the country. If you are flying or taking a train, there are of course delays and cancellations. These can leave you stuck for hours, and sometimes even days, especially in areas where there is inclement weather.

            If you keep in mind your needs, time frame and take-a-long necessities, you will be able to choose the best way to get to your next vacation destination.

38.  What is the text about?

A.    Travelling by car, plane, or train

B.     The best way to travel

C.     How to choose transportation

D.    How to plan a vacation

E.     How to travel overseas


39.  If you travel by plane or train to close locations,  .  .  .  .  .

A.    You can save a lot of money

B.     You can relax and sleep

C.     You can get bored

D.    You can get car-sick

E.     You should pay more money


40.  If you want to see the sights of the country while travelling .  .  .  .  .

A.    You can drive a car

B.     You can travel by plane

C.     You can stop by and walk

D.    You can take a train

E.     You can travel on the inclement weather


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