Contoh Soal Ulangan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas X SMA/MA/SMK

Contoh Soal Ulangan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas X SMA/MA/SMK

Tak perlu berlama-lama, silakan perhatikan soal ulangan tersebut di bawah ini!

Soal Ulangan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas X SMA/MA/SMK

Keterangan Soal:
Kelas /Semester : Kelas X / Ganjil
Jumlah Soal pilihan Ganda : 20 soal
Jumlah Soal Essay : 0 soal

Jawablah pertanyaan pertanyaan di bawah ini dengan benar dan tepat!
1.      It (not/snow) .... tomorrow
A.    Won’t snowing
B.     Won’t snowed
C.     Will not snowing
D.    Won’t snows
E.     Won’t snow

2.      Woman : I have finished the paper.
Man : You will report it to me at eight o'clock tomorrow.
What does the man mean?
A.    He promises the woman to report the paper.
B.     He gives a command to the woman.
C.     He makes a prediction about the paper.
D.    He says something in the future.
E.     He makes a sudden decision to the woman.​

3.      She (not/see) .... her doctor tonight.
A.    Wont’be seen
B.     Won’t be seeing
C.     Won’t be sees
D.    Won’t be saw
E.     Won’t saw

4.      I (walk) .... to school tomorrow morning.
A.    Will be walking
B.     Had walking
C.     Will be walked
D.    Have been walking
E.     Have walked

5.      Woman : Oh, I dropped my book.
Man : I'll take it.
What does the man express?
A.    A spontaneous decision.
B.     Prediction.
C.     Expectation.
D.    Promises.
E.     A simple action.

6.      Tina : Did you buy this book?
Budi : No, Eric did. He .... it on holiday
The best response to complete the sentence is ….
A.    He reads it on holiday.
B.     He will read it on holiday.
C.     He will have read it on holiday.
D.    He will be reading it on holiday.​
E.     He is reading it on holiday.
7.      Man : What will you be doing at ten o'clock tomorrow?
Woman : ...
 What is the most appropriate response to reply next?
A.    I will watch television
B.     I'm going to watch television.
C.     I will have watched television.
D.    I will be watching television
E.     I watch television
8.      Man : Have you invited Fahmi and his brothers?
Woman : I've invited them, but I don't think they will come.
What does the woman express?
A.    Promise.
B.     Instant decision.
C.     Expectation.
D.    Prediction.
E.     Willingness.​

9.      .... your mother (sleep) .... when your father arrive?
A.    Will / be sleeping
B.     Will / be sleep
C.     Had / be slept
D.    Has be / sleeps
E.     Have be / sleep

10.  I (not/fly) .... to Singapore at this time tomorrow.
A.    Won’t be flies
B.     Won’t be flew
C.     Won’t be flown
D.    Won’t be flying
E.     Won’t flying

11.  My mother (cook) .... dinner by 7 o’clock
A.    Will have cooking
B.     Will have cook
C.     Will have cooked
D.    Will have cooks
E.     Will has cooked
12.  Mr. Hans : Will you ... the car tonight, orcan I borrow it?
Mr. Bob : No. I will be staying at home
Mr. Bob : No. I will be staying at home tonight.
Which of the followings is suitable verb to
Which of the followings is suitable verb to complete?
A.    Use
B.     Be using
C.     Have used
D.    Uses
E.     Have been using

13.  Susan (not/write) .... a book by the end of the year
A.    Will not have write
B.     Will not have writes
C.     Will not have written
D.    Will not have writing
E.     Will not have wrote
14.  .... your bos (leave) .... the office?
A.    Will / has leave
B.     Will / have leaved
C.     Will / have  leaving
D.    Will / have leaven
E.     Will / have left
15.  They (play) .... football by three hours by 4 o’clock
A.    Will had playing
B.     Will have been playing
C.     Will have been played
D.    Will has played
E.     Will have playing
16.  Sam won’t be tired because he (not/exercise) .... so hard.
A.    Won’t have been exercising
B.     Won’t has been exercising
C.     Won’t have exercise
D.    Won’t had been exercising
E.     Won’t having been exercising
17.  They (win) .... the competition.
A.    Will winning
B.     Will be win
C.     Will win
D.    Will have been won
E.     Will have winned
18.  She (not/send) .... the e-mail
A.    Is not going to sent
B.     Was not going to send
C.     Will not have send
D.    Will not sent
E.     Will not send
19.  I (buy) .... a new car
A.    Will bought
B.     Will buyed
C.     Will buy
D.    Will be buyed
E.     Will buys
20.  .... your father (drink) .... been for ten years by the end of yhis year?
A.    Will / have been drinking
B.     Will / have been drink
C.     Will / have been drunk
D.    Will / had been drunk
E.     Will / have been drinks

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